Monday, 11 January 2010

second week in Jan

Well I am still managing to paint a little sketch in my diary every day without cheating too much.... there is always something funny or amusing every day like the red car with a snowman on its roof whizzing by on the bridge, or John P carving 2 chickens for a lovely sunday lunch at the Pickersgills......but its trying to remember the details when I get home that is sometimes tricky!


  1. the snowman on the car is a "laugh out loud" moment, for sure!!!
    I am so glad that you are sketching everyday!
    We are finding our way out of whatever box we have found ourselves in, aren't we?
    Love you!!!!
    Love the drawings!

  2. Danielle did you do these watercolor sketches? Very nice. You are too talented for words. Are you a good cook also? Can you play a musical instrument? Can you sing opera?

  3. no I cannot unfortunately sing opera but I did actually learn to play the violin....there is a great saying 'Jack of all trades and master of none!!!'

  4. I hope you will bring your diary to France.
    Would be lovely to see some Briançon moments...
    So nice, I wish I could do sketches like that,
    wouldn´t need my camera!