Sunday, 31 January 2010

lady birds

Cannot stop entering spoonflower competitions at the moment, I seem to need a deadline in order to complete anything these days! A trip to the Natural History Museum ( which is stunning and has a new Darwin Center ) and the subject of insects has got me thinking about specimen cases full of bugs all lined up....


  1. Do you think they will have to limit how many times you can win? I think you have another masterpiece.

  2. okay, I already told you that I love those ladybirds and I agree with Taylor that they may have to limit your wins.
    tee hee
    I also love the specimen cases...always have. I remember a shop in New York that was filled with them - a very LONG time ago. It was before people thought they were "cool" - I was fascinated by them.

    I love your ladybirds....sigh.....

  3. I think that these ladybirds are so sophisticated...

    We are here to inspire one another and I, soooo much, appreciate your work and your approach (?!)
    Thanks for your comments about my bugs - totally different, hunh?
    I actually like the one I didn't submit ..... oh well....

    Tried to catch you "online" yesterday...

  4. your design is really gorgeous, and I'm very disappointed that I can't buy a fat quarter of it yet. Hope you'll win !