Friday, 22 January 2010

daily painting

Book club annual get together with husbands and without books on saturday was a reprieve from the incredible cold and january greyness that has swamped Molesey..... at least I have managed to get something down in the diary/ has definitely given me something to think about other than surviving the english winter!


  1. I do love your watercolors!
    Thanks for your comments about the bird patterns that I posted.
    I am sending them in next week.

    Would LOVE to "talk" to you this weekend!
    I have tried a couple of times this week...looks like you have, too.
    When is a good time for you?
    I'll be around...

  2. Wow, these are amazing. I just read all about you on Stephen's e-mail from Spoonflower. I design on there too. Your work is beautiful, I just marked your blog to follow.

    Nice to meet you. Karen