Monday, 19 July 2010

Billie Spile

July has certainly been eventful, with the beautiful things that I saw while in France providing enough visual stimuli for about 6 months. Billie Spille the incredible artist who is a friend of the Armitages, opened her home to the workshop ladies....look what they brought back with them.....while Billie's work is a amazing as ever, ( I love her industrial chimney pots) her husband Dean had painted these exquisite watercolours on old letters! what a treat to see this work.....

Saturday, 17 July 2010

what I made

I did n't manage to burn the midnight oil on the Julie Arkell workshop, due to the 10.30 lights out curfew, but was still pleased with what I made. I had lots of ideas about what I was going to do, but sitting next to the wonderfully creative Sue and Jone, I ended up experimenting instead. Here are some pics of the mad things I made....

Friday, 9 July 2010

Julie Arkell workshop

A fabulous week at the wonderful Julie Arkell workshop has left me with some great inspiration, not only from the delightful Julie but from some very talented women also on the are some snaps that will continue to make me smile for a long time....
from the top...
1.some beautiful corsages made by Diane
2. Jone's amazing notebook
3.Sue's wonderfully colourful bracelets and bits
4. Katie's stunning papier mache painted pendants
5. Claire's fabulous flowers
3. from left, Julie, Mike, Sue Julie A and Claire
6. Claires stash from the french markets
7. A stunning necklace that I would very much like to own made by Diane

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Petersham Nurseries

Beautiful Petersham Nurseries in Richmond has the most stunning display of wild flowers seen within the M25 and so I took Jone and Sue for a visit before we all went off to France...paper thin poppies, sweetpeas with the heady scent of Jasmine and home baked cake in the air, mmmm...