Saturday, 17 July 2010

what I made

I did n't manage to burn the midnight oil on the Julie Arkell workshop, due to the 10.30 lights out curfew, but was still pleased with what I made. I had lots of ideas about what I was going to do, but sitting next to the wonderfully creative Sue and Jone, I ended up experimenting instead. Here are some pics of the mad things I made....


  1. not as mad as you might think...
    ...I think they are brilliant!

    YOU are brilliant!

    keep it going, Danielle....


  2. I think 'fair weather friends' is one of my favourite things from our stay in France - I love 'hello sailor' almost as much! Despite the curfew your were a creative powerhouse with a mighty fine collection for the show and tell - u r a walking inspiration!! Xxdi

  3. Wonderful as usual Danielle. Was there really a curfew? What did people who could not sleep do? Anyway love that delicate flower thing. Is it a bracelet? Thanks for Maxine Sutton. Yey another terrific textile artist to follow.