Friday, 9 July 2010

Julie Arkell workshop

A fabulous week at the wonderful Julie Arkell workshop has left me with some great inspiration, not only from the delightful Julie but from some very talented women also on the are some snaps that will continue to make me smile for a long time....
from the top...
1.some beautiful corsages made by Diane
2. Jone's amazing notebook
3.Sue's wonderfully colourful bracelets and bits
4. Katie's stunning papier mache painted pendants
5. Claire's fabulous flowers
3. from left, Julie, Mike, Sue Julie A and Claire
6. Claires stash from the french markets
7. A stunning necklace that I would very much like to own made by Diane


  1. Great photos Danielle. Thanks for sharing. Everything looks beautiful and look there is Claire. Wow.

  2. What a beautiful group of things.....and quite representative of the beautiful people that we spent the week with!
    Nice photos, Danielle!

    Miss you already......sigh.......

  3. Yes, we were all VERY fascinated by the necklace that Diana had done!
    I think one of the fingers in the pic belongs to me;)
    Hope you are doing well and thank's for a lovely time together!