Thursday, 7 January 2010


Under he heavy snow clouds in Molesey Francesca has been beavering away on a whole sketchbook using just one colour - coral! Here are some of the pages that she did using found and made textures and favourite is the knitting with hand dyed strips of chiffon....

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  1. beee-utiful!

    I think that choosing coral was brilliant, seeing that she is a "pink girl" I think that coral is "underrated" it with green, too.

    Okay, I think the top one (crochet) is breathtaking....looks like clouds, or is soooo pretty. I love it.

    The second one may be my favorite. The combination of colors and textures is really nice - clay? lace?

    The coral piece is wonderful. Is it sitting on crochet, as well? I remember seeing it during one of our skype moments...I'd love to see some calligraphy done that way.

    I think the French knots are so whimsical! The colors are so nice....

    Ahhhh, the knitted chiffon - now I get it. Looks like it might be tedious, with the twisting and such. Still, the final result is really cool.....would make a lovely sweater....

    Really enjoyed our "often interrupted" talk today. I am glad that we figured out that we can share what is on the screen as we talk. I have played with the toile quite a bit this afternoon. I will send it to you tomorrow...

    Congratulations to Francesca on her delightful sketchbook!