Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sol y Sombra

Finally back home from 3 glorious weeks in sunny Spain,and an amazing trip to the beautiful Seville where as you can see from the photos above of little details that you see as you amble through the city, there was an abundance of yellow...something to do with their famous oranges perhaps? Don't let anyone tell you that Spain is not the most beautiful country in the world, with its stunning mountains ranges, rolling plains, soaring eagles and rich cultural heritage....


  1. hmmmmm, I posted a comment on this last night and it is not here...
    I LOVE the yellow - a LOT!
    The neighborhood next to us in Santa Fe is called "Sol-y-Sombra"....
    but this "yellow" is so much more!

    beautiful ...thanks!

  2. how could anybody living in this place not be full of the joys of spring - or summer - with this gorgeous colour radiating around them! and the sunshine of course.
    i love architectural details and these are great pics danielle.