Monday, 2 August 2010

a magical bracelet

One cover button is very much like another cover button until you wrap some pretty fabric around it and make it into a bracelet! The fab Jone Hallmark - polkadotponie - showed me this bracelet when she visited last month, and it caught my son's eye, despite being 17 years old and 6ft 2, he immediately fell in love with it and was the proud owner by the time Jone left for America. I wanted to show it to you all here on my blog because it is so wonderful and covered with Jones gorgeous textile designs, but when I looked for it, I realised he must have taken it with him on his world challenge to Africa!!??!! Could it be that he considered this thing of beauty a lucky talisman? We are really missing him here as he is away for 30 days in the depths of Uganda...I hope that the bracelet is working its magic for him!
I have done a quick illustration from memory as I want to make one myself using some illustrations from an amazing find whilst in France of an original edition the french heroine Becassine. I have scanned in the pages and cropped the images ready to cover some buttons. All I have to do is to experiment with printed directly onto silk through my inkjet printer or maybe do a spoonflower order....


  1. what a fantastic idea!
    ...and I love the images that you have chosen!
    I have been thinking about Christian and hoping he is safe and having the time of his life.
    If the bracelet is indeed his lucky talisman, then I, too, hope it is working its magic.


  2. Bring some of these when we have our solderthon Danielle and we will make many shiny silver bejewelled trinkets! Xxdi

  3. That is a wonderful story Danielle and Jone. I bet it is even nicer than how s wonderful it looks on the blog.