Tuesday, 6 October 2009


At last I have managed a necklace and some flowers to make another....Am feling very inspired by the beautiful autumn colours in my garden and on my allotment, especially the blackberries which are all the hues from red through to black...thought about making a necklace with just flowers and maybe the odd black bead.... the grey necklace is one I made earlier this year when some of my reject felt balls looked more like pebbles, so I tried adding wispy bits of white and grey fleece to replicate the stones on the beach!


  1. Your flowers are magnificent! wow......I am in awe of you ladies who can DO that!
    .....nice necklaces xoxo love the colors.
    ....... isn't fall beautiful?
    miss you, a LOT!

  2. I knew I would be in love with these and I am. OOH.