Thursday, 22 October 2009

momiji doll

At long last after many an attempt to get into my sewing room to make this doll for the momiji competition I have completed one of the designs that I wanted to make!
I have used a really neat technique of coloured organza machine sewn over coloured felt to create this jewel like colour...have made several smaller things such as this heart for valentines day....
I have stuck to the brief rigidly which was to keep the spirit of the momiji dolls while using fabrics...not sure whether I actually like the enlarged head or whether I am even going to send it in for the competition as there is now a postal strike in the UK! Oh well at least I made something!


  1. That technique is soo "cool!" I would like to see these pieces in person.
    Your momiji doll looks very Spanish. hmmmmm... wonder where THAT came from!
    Your folks look like fantastic people - I see your mom's feistiness, though perhaps that comes from your descriptions of her....cute!
    And I see where you get your creative drive - OMG!


  2. Danielle, you are so talented!
    Your drawings were so cool!
    Have a nice weekend