Monday, 12 October 2009

Had a wonderful day out on Saturday with mum and Francesca, we drove round the north circular to Alexandra Palace to the Knitting and Stitching show which was completely inspirational! As we walked into the entrance hall which was flooded with light from the huge glass house ceiling, we were faced with a life size sailing boat that some clever graduate had actually knitted! All the big names and online craft stores were there, Loop, Selvedge, clothkits, workshops, felting, rag rug making, machine embroidery, and experimental knitting...... some very lovely tapestry.......have even itchier fingers now!


  1. I love seeing the resemblance between you all. I can see you in your Mom and Francesca in you. You did see some lovely things. Get busy. Wish I could have gone.

  2. What an inspirational Saturday!
    I love the pillow (is it a pillow ? ) in the fourth photo!
    Thank´s for the nice comment on my blog
    Talk to you soon again

  3. the fLoWeRs are fantastic! That would've been the show to go to.
    Maybe we need to have all these dates posted somewhere so that we (Americans) can dream about attendance.