Tuesday, 11 October 2011

the little gardening book

Just feast your eyes on this object of beauty that Margaret Harvey has created over in her wonderful studio in Cobham...made from found treasures, and deftly put together, this vintage gardening book has exploded with life! I fell in love with the lttle metal moth made from bits of broken jewelery ( I think) and the way she has produced such dainty flowering growth from bits and pieces that have been discarded over the years...


  1. it absolutely takes my breath away.....
    where on earth did you see it?
    .........it is spectacular.....

  2. Loving the moth too - spectacular use of old bits of jewellery!
    Have u ever seen Nora Foks collection of insects made from
    seed pods leaves etc laid out in a case - I can see rows of these
    along with your stitched moths! Great find.

  3. What an absolutely fabulous piece of work, I love it!

  4. Very clever. Does she make other sculpture type books?

  5. What a fantastic piece of art! So crafty.