Monday, 17 October 2011

beautiful wallpapers

Exquisite wallpaper samples from a very well known english paint company....this clever company has looked at old paintings and has copied textile designs meticulously painted on all the saints to produce designs for their new range of wallpapers.....Nick brought home these beautiful postcards from a colour talk at the National Gallery, all bound in a moleskin wallet for me to copy onto tissue paper for my collages! these patterns will make really beautiful moths...can see them fluttering around the burnt at both ends candle already!


  1. copy onto tissue paper? tell how, please. These are fabulous.

  2. OMG.....gorgeous....

    love you....


  3. to photocopy onto tissue paper, you will need a crummy inkjet home you don't mind potentially getting jammed! Cut plain white tissue paper into exact A4 sizes and very lightly spray glue onto one sheet of A4 printing paper ( so that it does nt flap around in your printer) the just press print if taking the image directly from your computer screen.
    Some printers act as colour copiers so even easier to simply copy the image on the glass.
    A word of warning though, ink jet inks are water soluble so think carefully about the glue you use to paste your images...or glue on the reverse.

  4. How wonderful, great idea! I wish I could print these onto fabrics! Do you know the name of the paint company who makes the wallpaper?