Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Chelsea flower show

Chelsea Flower show was amazing last week despite the hail and the thunderstorms here in London.....There were the usual stunning displays of awesome blooms but what I really enjoyed were some of the wonderful sculptures and garden ornaments on display....such talent everywhere! The buttons in the top picture were made from shaped and cut pebbles, as was the Thames townscape underneath.....amazing!


  1. LOVE the buttons and LOVE the rabbit!
    I just bought some stone buttons at a wonderful fabric shop here. I should send some to you.

    Let's talk one of these days soon, okay?
    Missing you. I have a box filling up to send to you...I will do it soon.

  2. I love that rabbit too (and the buttons, and the flowers...). Looks like it was a great show. There are always seem to be so many cool things to do in England.