Thursday, 6 January 2011


Happy New Year to all of you who have found yourselves here! Desperate for some kind of inspiration after the flu ridden festive period, the family and I took ourselves off to see the stunning Gauguin exhibition at the Tate Modern here in London. What is so wonderful about retrospectives such as this one is that there is always a painting that you had never seen in any of the art books pored over in the past, and we all decided that the beautiful painting above 'the little one is dreaming' painted in 1881 was the one we would all want to take home. What also stood out was the flatness of colour and shapes and the lack of depth, making it possible to focus on some gorgeous figures in the backgrounds....I love the woman crouching near the house....


  1. very glad that you are feeling better - finally.
    Happy New Year, dear friend.

    We saw Gauguin's house when in Tahiti almost 16 years ago. It was incredible to be where he painted and see the inspiration all around.
    Wish I could've been at the Tate with you on your Family Field Trip.

    How 'bout a chat one of these days?

  2. i may well kill for 'the little one sleeping' puts me in mind of the picasso of a rear view of a woman gazing out of a window at the sea - no idea what its called! The tahitian paintings are gloriously colourful and much more blocky seen alongside the gentle picture - what an interesting juxtaposition you have given us danielle. xxdi