Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Very much looking forward to the soldathon that will take place this weekend! Di Foster's beautiful dobbers can never be recreated but I have a vision of what some of my family'd old photos could look like trapped forever behind glass....
Found the work of an amazing artist called Tabitha Moses,(bottom image) which reminded me of my medal phase, but I really love the way the photos have been immortalised by giving them a surround, hopefully I can crop into our famil pictures to make into dobbers of my own...Yippee!y


  1. hey girlfriend! the ingredients above are looking good! Cant wait to come and play out with you - I will soon have you dobbing for Surrey!
    Im bringing everything but the kitchen sink with me so we should be able to make just about anything in a weekend!
    See you Friday - if i ever get off the M25

  2. YOU are unbelievable!!!!!

    Oolie and I are drooling over the photos - both yours and the ones the woman did with the "white medals" - gosh......

    Soooooo wish that we were going to join the two of you.....
    Can't wait to see your creations...

    Jone and Oolie