Thursday, 29 April 2010

a lovely surprise

An amazing surprise awaited me when I got home from work, completely frazzled and stressed about going away to the factory on Saturday. A totally unexpected parcel from a valuable friend! The wonderfully talented Taylor has made me the most delightful sketch book, made from an eclectic mix of textures, papers and ephemera, all combined in her usual idiosynchratic style. Every time I look through the pages I see something lovely that I had n't seen before, like a little tick and heart shaped scribble of red cotton that looks accidental.
Thank you Taylor, you made my day.....
Please check out her great blog half full, its great!


  1. pretty charming!
    what a nice surprise for you right now, hunh?!


  2. You are so welcome, but please write and draw in it. Add your own stuff too.