Tuesday, 16 March 2010

fabric flowers

Really inspired by flowers popping up everywhere have made a load of stiffened fabric flowers. Have used some lovely fabrics found at our very well stocked local quilting shop and tried to keep the colours tonally the same. Cannot wait to make some more now...just need to get the stiffness right in the stems....a bit floppy at the moment! A huge vase with loads of them would look great!


  1. I wish that you wee here, or I was there!!
    We need to be together to create!

    These flowers aer wonderful! You are truly inspired!
    Ain't spring grand?

    miss you

  2. These are AMAZING!!

  3. Adore your flowers Danielle.
    For stems, how about some strong enough wire (coathanger) in a plastic tubing the right diameter for slipping inside your fabric rouleau?

  4. hmm, my comment isn't here. I thought I had posted it last night Just the usual Danielle. I love your flowers, but I must have written it better last night. Oh well. I think they are very creative.