Saturday, 28 November 2009

heavenly images

Some more textile art!

fashion drawing

To be fair I ought to dedicate this whole blog to my wonderful Francesca who manages so effortlessly to produce wonder with the sewing machine and a couple of spools of thread. while I struggle on in a vain attempt to produce anything that I might not be embarrassed to show a close friend!!
Here are some pics from 2 projects hat she has recently completed on her fashion and textiles foundation course.....


Unbelievably beautiful and very large pumpkin that Nicky - my all on her own on the allotment partner brought round for me last night. I had a mixture of guilt for not having been down to the mudbound oasis we call our allotment for weeks and a feeling of wonder that something so lovely had grown when we were not looking!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Perfection is not an ambition! Have finished 2 of the dolls but they are not quite what I wanted them to be....the faces came out so stern and middle aged looking! but there you go, the fun thing about making is not knowing how they will turn out!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

papier mache dolls

Dolls waiting to be made into pretty girls! These poor armless bodies have been hiding in a box for about 3 years waiting to be made up....

Monday, 16 November 2009

toy museum

Another trip to the fabulous toy museum in Bethnal Green for all the strange and miserable faces on these dolls. Love also the beautiful little felt flowers on the little girl's dress.The sindy dolls are the ones that I had!!

Monday, 9 November 2009

O look at this stunning tapestry artist Emily Peacock first seen at the knitting and stitching show then found on Etsy....I wish that I had thought of using retro tattoo designs for tapestry....makes my tapestry look very pedestrian.....

Francesca has brought home some of last years A Level work and since she is now reading and commenting on this blog, here is another beautiful set of images done by her. These paintings/stitched pieces were done for her 'undressing' project.

Eager to keep up the needle felting and having failed to take a decent photo of my felted momiji entry I decided to do another doll...this time though I painted the face using watercolours and then transfered the face to image transfer paper onto muslin. I also have experimented with adding other fabrics to the felt to try and create a more patchy look. Maybe some angels will materialize, who knows...may have to bunk off work!

Monday, 2 November 2009

am so lucky!
Look what I received in the post this morning!
Lovely Jone has sent me a parcel with 4 delightful adorable bracelet, much admired when posted on pantry violets weeks ago, an exquisite hand dyed and handstitched felt heart, much coveted by us all when we saw them in France, stamens which I was cheeky enough to ask for and some great silk ribbon....I am inspired and very happy!
Thank you Jone.....