Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Perfection is not an ambition! Have finished 2 of the dolls but they are not quite what I wanted them to be....the faces came out so stern and middle aged looking! but there you go, the fun thing about making is not knowing how they will turn out!


  1. Your ladies looked very decked out and have a very nice fashion designer. You could always give me the faces to paint and they would look far from stern. Really nice work as usual.

  2. We are all middle aged aren´t we, and beautiful,
    like your dolls!
    Have a nice weekend

  3. And, tell me, what do you charge for these "lovelies?"
    I would like to purchase one (xo)
    I think that the one in the sweater is FAB! She does have a bit of the "mid-age" to her, but it suits her just fine.
    I adore the one in the raspberry skirt - ALL of it! Nice trim on the bottom....
    Love to you - ALWAYS! xoxo