Tuesday, 8 December 2009

angels and france

These angels are already in transit.....the chocolate in the advent calendar is being consumed....my sewing room resembles war torn Beirut.....dinner tonight is crackers and cheese......and we are all looking pasty and drawn......roll on Christmas!
The delightful christmas illustrations are from a real gem of a comic picked up at that street market in France!


  1. Your angels are delicious!..and you are lucky to find this nice book!

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  3. the wings on those angels bring them to life ....... wow......
    I am awestruck, they are soooooo lovely, danielle....


  4. My first comment didn't seem to stay so if this is the second one- sorry. Your angels are so elegant. I like them very much(of course) and the other things you have been popping out on your blog.

  5. hi, I'm anna, Jone's friend and neighbor. I saw her angel,dolly, and calendar yesterday when I was dropping off a present to her.wonderful.wonderful.wonderful. I especially loved the legs on the doll.