Tuesday, 22 September 2009

great illustrations

some stunning illustrations in this wonderful 50's childrens french dictionary that I bought at a library sale and have used loads for reference and for printing directly to silk for my dollies dresses..


  1. I love these books Danielle. Do you have many of them?

  2. printing directly to silk, hunh? I need to know about that...
    Your name has been coming up a LOT this past week...Sue, and now Julie and I are talking up a storm - missing you tons!


  3. printing on silk is a truly wonderful therapeutic activity!
    very lightly spray the A4 habutai silk onto a A4 printing sheet and put through a cheap ink jet printer....pray that it does n't wrinkle up and destroy the 10th printer you have bought this year, stand back and admire the beautiful result as it clunks out of the printer at the other end!
    Just don't get it wet as it runs!